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Maria Grech Ganado
Maria Grech Ganado

Maria Grech Ganado, (born in 1943), poet, translator, critic, studied English at the Universities of Malta, Cambridge and Heidelberg.

She was the first Maltese female full-Time Lecturer at the University of Malta (Department of English), has published four collections of Maltese poetry, Iżda Mhux Biss, 1999; Skond Eva, 2001; Fil-Ħofra Bejn Spallejha, 2005, Maria Grech Ganado: Monografija, 2010 (the first of which won a National Book Prize in 2002) and three of English, Ribcage, 2003, Cracked Canvas, 2005, Memory Rape, 2005 (the second of which won a National Book Prize in 2006).

Her poetry in one language or other has appeared in anthologies, magazines and journals both in Malta and abroad where it has been translated into Italian, French, German, Greek, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Lithuanian, Finnish, Czech and Catalan. Maria has also translated into English much of the contemporary poetry and prose written by Maltese writers today and published overseas.

In 2000, she received the MQR - Midalja ghall-Qadi tar-Repubblika (Medal for Service to the Republic) for her service to literature.

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