PROSE: I want to call out to Samirah by Pierre J. Mejlak

Pierre J. Mejlak
Pierre J. Meilak

Born in Malta, Pierre J. Mejlak has been writing novels and short stories since he was young. He has published books for children, adaptations, a novel and two collections of short stories, winning numerous awards, including the Malta Literary Prize, three National Book Awards and the Sea of Words European Short Story Award.

His first collection of short stories for adults, Qed Nistenniek Niezla max-Xita (I'm waiting for you to fall with the rain) was published to critical and popular acclaim in February 2009. His second collection of short stories, Dak li l-Lejl Ihallik Tghid (what the night lets you say) has just been published. A number of his short stories have been translated into English, French, Catalan, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish and Italian and have been read at numerous literary festivals around Europe and the Middle East.

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