Ilvi Liive
Ilvi Liive (c) Jüri J. Dubov

Ilvi Liive studied Estonian and German languages and literature at Tartu University, as well as Dutch language, literature and history of Dutch art at Groningen University.

After a career in publishing, she built up the Estonian Literature Centre in 2001 and has been running it since then. She translates fiction and poetry from Dutch and German.

Kerti Tergem
Kerti Tergem: photo private collection

Kerti Tergem is an editor and translator focusing on Dutch literature (Estonian translations of W.F. Hermans, C. Nooteboom). Holding a degree in Finno-Ugric studies and having a qualification in Indology, she has been in the service of organizations in aid of native peoples.

After working at universities home and abroad, several translation agencies and publishing houses, she is currently employed by the Estonian Literature Centre.

Elle-Mari Talivee
Elle-Mari Talivee (c) Ilvi Liive

Elle-Mari Talivee (born in 1974 in Tallinn) is currently a doctoral student of Cultural Studies at the Estonian Institute of Humanities, Tallinn University. Her research interest is focused on the depiction of 'the city' in literature, especially the cityscape of the earlier Estonian literature, the literary space, and the language of literary works.

She has a Master's degree in literary studies (about Karl Ristikivi's Tallinn trilogy, 2007) and since autumn 2011 has worked as a researcher in Under and Tuglas Literary Centre.

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