POETRY: Hasso Krull

Hasso Krull
Hasso Krull (c) Jüri J. Dubov

The poet, translator and philosopher Hasso Krull (b. 1964) is one of the most influential Estonian intellectuals of the past twenty years. His scope is incredibly broad and versatile without allowing itself to be pigeonholed. Krull the essayist became known as a mediator and introducer of contemporary, predominantly psychoanalytical and postmodernist thought, but then took an interest in creation stories and myths. Krull the translator has mediated primarily French theoretical thought and poetry, but he also has translations from German, English, Swedish, Dutch, and Finnish. Krull the poet is able to smoothly transit from intertextuality, language sensitivity and symbolism to simple and non-metaphoric straightforwardness and biting social commentary. Krull’s interest in world creation stories has found a powerful expression in his poetry, in the epic poem Meter and Demeter, 2004. The poetry collection Neli korda neli (Four Times Four, 2009) was granted the poetry award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia. This is intimate and warm and very regular: four times four making up a mythical pattern.
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