POETRY: Kristiina Ehin

Kristiina Ehin
Kristiina Ehin: photo private collection

Kristiina Ehin (b. 1977) is probably the best-known poetess of her generation in Estonia, and beyond. Connoisseurs and general readers alike appreciate her poetry. Ehin is one of the few Estonian authors to have published several books that have been universally lauded. Her poetry from the collection The Drums of Silence (2007), translated into English by Ilmar Lehtpere, won a prestigious prize for poetry in translation, the Poetry Society Popescu Prize. The Scent of Your Shadow, a selection of poems from Ehin’s book Emapuhkus (2009), again in Ilmar Lehtpere’s translation, published in April 2010 by Arc Publications, was named the Poetry Book Society Recommended Translation while still only a manuscript. Ehin’s trademark is her simple yet figurative language, often enhanced by her mind-set that combines love for heritage, age-old wisdom and the untouched natural environment with candid descriptions of womanhood and its strengths and weaknesses. Ehin’s largely metaphysical poetry also touches a social nerve, rising above conventional love and nature poetry.
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