POETRY: Sven Kivisildnik

Sven Kivisildnik
Kivisildnik (c) Andres G. Adamson

Sven Sildnik's (b. 1963) or Kivisildnik's approach to literature has been more daring and rude, but also more innovative than any other writing in Estonia. His first important text was Märg Viktor (Wet Viktor, 1989). He was then one of those responsible for a revolutionary change in poetry, breaking the boundary between literature and real life, and broadening the concept of literature.
In 1996 Kivisildnik published a book of poetry of over 800 pages: Nagu härjale punane kärbseseen (Like a Red Amanita to a Bull) comprises 14 long series of texts, constructed from existing material of literary origin (ancient songs, poems, short stories, novels). One could also mention the autobiographical poem Loomade peal katsetatud inimene (A Human Being Tested on Animals, 1997); the pornographic parody of religious dogmatics Nagu isane kass ümber isase pudru (Like a Tomcat Round a Plate of Male Porridge, 1996); and the short alternative version of the Estonian epic Kalevipoeg (2003). In 2007 the annual poetry award was given to him for the collection of haiku, Sumo (2007).
A freelancer and publisher, he has also worked as a journalist. Today (:) kivisildnik is also well known as a sharp political pamphleteer and a literary critic.
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