Andrej Nikolaidis – Montenegro

Andrej Nikolaidis

Andrej Nikolaidis was born in 1974 and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to a mixed Montenegrin-Greek family. He presently resides in Ulcinj, Montenegro.

In 1992, following the breakout of ethnic strife in Bosnia that soon evolved into an all out war, Nikolaidis' family moved to the Montenegrin town of Ulcinj, his father's hometown, where he owns a summer home. An ardent supporter of Montenegrin independence, anti-war activist and promoter of human rights, especially a minority rights, Nikolaidis initially became known for his political views and public feuds, appearing on local television and in newspapers with his political commentaries. 

He wrote columns for pro-independence Montenegrin publications such as Vijesti, a daily newspaper, Monitor, a weekly newsmagazine (from 2002 until 2009), as well as Bosnian weekly newsmagazine Slobodna Bosna. He is currently a columnist of Delo (Ljubljana) and E-novine (Belgrade). His particular interest is in tackling issues of regional reconciliation and the problem of ‘facing the past’  of the recent Balkan wars.

Nikolaidis was awarded the European Prize for Fiction 2012. In the light of this, Istros Books has also signed the translation rights for his second novel - Sin/Son

Selected bibliography: 

Mimesis (novel); 

The Son (novel); 

The Coming (novel); 

Homo Sucker: The Poetic of Apocalypse (cultural theory) 

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