Yekta Kopan – Turkey

Hande Eagle
Hande Eagle

Born in Istanbul in 1984, Hande Eagle completed a degree in Sociology at the University of Leicester in 2006. Having lived in the UK since secondary school, she returned to Turkey in 2008 to pursue a career as a literary translator.

While building a reputation as a reliable and accurate translator, she also began to write as an independent arts and culture correspondent for high profile newspapers and magazines. She is a regular contributor to the Turkish national newspaper Cumhuriyet’s arts and culture pages and works independently with several publishing houses and authors on both fiction and non-fiction projects.

Some of the translation projects she undertook in 2011 include; “Anadolu Topraklarında Mozaik” (Mosaics of Anatolia) sponsored by HSBC and written by Gürol Sözen, and “Renkleri, Lezzetleri ve Nostaljik Dokusuyla Samatya” (Samatya: Colour, Flavour and Nostalgia) published by Boyut Publishing. Currently she is working on the translation of a selection of short stories by Yekta Kopan.

Her research interests include literature, music, contemporary art and architecture.

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