• Maltese Literature since 1990
    Charles Briffa presents an overview of Maltese writing in recent years.
  • Ruby by Immanuel Mifsud
    Immanuel Mifsud writes about ugly people and alienation on the little Mediterranean island of Malta. Read Ruby.
  • Nicosia by Niki Marangou
    Nicosia is a personal account by Niki Marangou of life before, during and now after the time of the green line which for decades has kept northern and southern Cypriots apart.
  • In Defense of Mallorcan Literature
    Read Sebastià Alzamora's stout defence of Mallorcan Literature.
  • The Awakening of Basque Literature
    In an in-depth article, Mari Jose Olaziregi describes the history of writing in Basque, and the awakening of Basque literature in recent times.
  • A Mini-Anthology of Contemporary Basque Poetry
    Transcript presents a mini-anthology of contemporary Basque poetry. Read poems by Kirmen Uribe in Basque and in English, discover the evocative poetry of Miren Agur Meabe, and hear Bernardo Atxaga, ambassador of Basque writing, speak of his native language in Euskara.

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