Immanuel Mifsud

Immanuel Mifsud
Immanuel Mifsud was born on September 12, 1967, the youngest of a working class family of eight children. He was raised in Paola, a town in the south of Malta, where the majority of the population settled after heavy air raids on the nearby dockyards during the second world war. Aged sixteen, he started writing poetry and scripts for experimental theatre groups.

In 1991 he wrote and directed Pupi (Puppets) which was premiered during the official launching of the left-wing educational group Movement For a Humane Education. Pupi was also performed for Maltafest 91, the International Malta Arts Festival (which is no longer held), and during a political protest held by Alternattiva Demokratika (Malta's Green Party) who were lobbying for reforms in the Maltese electoral system. On that occasion the performance was stopped abruptly by the police.

In 1996 Immanuel Mifsud founded Teatru Marta Kwitt, a research theatre group. In that same year Teatru Marta Kwitt performed Il-5: La Toqtolx ('The Fifth: Thou Shalt not Kill'). A year later they performed Mistoqsijiet lill-Qamar ('Questions to the Moon'), a very free adaptation of some of Garcia Lorca's poems. In 1999 Teatru Marta Kwitt performed Ilma ('Water'). Ilma was premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 1999 and with it the Ministry of Education and the Arts launched the official festivities of the millennium celebrations in Malta.

In 2002, commemorating the tenth anniversary since the beginning of the siege on Sarajevo, Immanuel Mifsud presented a monologue based on the Book of Lamentations and poems from Sarajevo at ActionBase, entitled Il-Hames Lamentazzjonijiet ta' Sara ('Sara's Five Lamentations').

Immanuel Mifsud has published six books. In 1991 he published his first collection of short stories titled Stejjer ta' Nies Koroh (Stories of Ugly People). Two years later he published Il-Ktieb tal-Mahbubin Midruba (The Book of Maimed Lovers), and in 2002 L-Istejjer Strambi ta 'Sara Sue Sammut (Sara Sue Sammut's Strange Stories. Mifsud has also published two collections of poems, Fid-Dat ta' Clara (At Clara's House) and most recently Il-Ktieb rar-Rih u l-Fjuri (The Book of Wind and Flowers).

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