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Elias and the Egg Granny
Elias and the Egg Granny, by Iva Procházková, illustrated by Tomáa Xízek, published by Amulet, Prague, 2002, 136 pp., ISBN 80-7327-011-0.
Six-year-old Elias has a secure home, but his busy parents do not have time for him. His emotional hardships come to an end when he meets a being from a rather peculiar egg. The miniature copy of a human being adopts the form of a kind and gentle granny called Aty, who has yet to learn to speak. The boy decides to take care of her and protect her. When one day Aty disappears, normal days start once again for Elias.

Iva Procházková (1953) comes from the Procházková family of writers and is undoubtedly the most respected Czech author of children's and youth prose today. After many years spent in German exile she began to make an impact on the Czech literary world. She is employed as a scriptwriter by Czech Television.

Tomáa Xízek (1963), a self-taught artist, progressed from copying Gothic Madonnas to book illustrations. Besides the Czech Republic his illustrations have also appeared in books in France, Germany and Switzerland.

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