Baby Spiders and Little Fish

Max and Sally in History
Milos Macourek, Max & Sally in History, illustrated by Adolf Born, published by Albatros, Prague, 2002, 64 pp., ISBN 80-00-01049-6
Yet another adventure of the two third class pupils from a Prague school. Read about the incredible journeys the children and their teacher take into the past, courtesy of Max and Sally's magic telephone receiver. Hilarious scenes stem from a keen portrayal of school stereotypes and the treatment of children as irresponsible individuals.

Milos Macourek (1926-2002) was a writer, author of theatre plays and film scripts, mainly focusing on children. He gained wider recognition with his books of prose Zoology, Jacob and Tow Hundred Granddads (1963) and Anteater in the Arithmetic Book (1966). His later works are based on successful film projects: Max and Sally on Holidays (1993). A Comprehensive summary of his literary work is offered in The Island for Six Thousand Alarm Clocks (2001).

Adolf Born (1930) is a popular and renowned painter, graphic artist and illustrator. Having graduated from the University of Industrial Design and the Fine Arts Academy, he has been illustrating children's books since the early 1960s. His most notable achievements include pictures in Vojtech Steka's Borek's Trifles (1973), stories about the little boy called Vítek (1973 - 1975) by Bohumil Xíha or The Speaking Parcel (1983) by Gerald Durrell.

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