Baby Spiders and Little Fish

Paulie the Spider
Pavel Srut, Paulie the Spider, illustrated by Galina Miklínová, published by Albatros, Prague, 2001, 128pp., ISBN 80-00-00893-9.
The adventures of a little spider, whose restless nature gets him into all sorts of trouble, has been a roaring success in the Czech Republic. Brilliant narration brings a child's perspective of the world to the work.

Pavel Srut (1940) is one of the leading Czech poets. His extraordinary poetics and original metaphors can be enjoyed both in his original children's prose and poetry and in his translations. He is the author of the charming retelling of fairy tales from the Western cultural environment in his anthologies entitled The Cat King (1992), Tiny Tom, Long Tom and Other Very American Fairy Tales (1993) and Paul Bunyan, Tiny-Tot the Giant (1997).

Galina Miklínová is one of the nation's younger illustrators, notable for her dynamic pen-and-ink drawings. She is also a partner to Mary GrandPré in her illustrations for the Czech mutation of the Harry Potter stories.

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