Baby Spiders and Little Fish

The Tale in Blue
Magdalena Wagnerová, The Tale in Blue, illustrated by Pavel Sivko, published by Mladá fronta, Prague, 2002, 88 pp., ISBN 80-204-0952-1.
A story about a kingdom where everything is blue, The Tale in Blue is an allegory of power. Blue is not only the colour appearing on the coat-of-arms of the ruling dynasty, caught in the midst of changing generations, it is also the underlying tone of all of the story's props and twists. Goodness eventually triumphs, because love is stronger than ultramarine.

Magdalena Wagnerová (1960) studied scriptwriting at the Prague Film Academy and worked for radio and television. She delves into Czech fairy tales, adapting them to suit her needs in such books as Tales from Under the Pillow (1993), the playful Water-Sprite's Adventures (1995) and the fairy-tale cycle Why?

Pavel Sivko can be relied on for quality children's illustrations. In The Tale in Blue he made full use of the opportunity to come up with endless variations on the colour blue. He is also a respected typographer in Czech industrial design.

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