Post-Velvet Poetry

Katerina Rudcenková
Visit Katerina Rudenková. Read her poetry in French in Transcript.
Katerina Rudcenková was born in Prague in 1976. She studied song-text and screenplay writing at the Jaroslava Jezek Conservatory and at the Faculty of Economics and Management in Prague. Since 1998 she has published poetry in the daily Právo, in the literary magazines Literární noviny, Tvar, Aluze, and Psívíno. She is editor of the cultural internet magazine Dobrá adresa. Her first collection Ludwig was published to general acclaim. Her second book Není nutné, abyste me navatevoval (No need for you to visit me) was published in April 2002. A bilingual book of her poetry Nicht nötig, mich zu besuchen was published by Wieser Verlag (Austria) in 2002. Katerina Rudcenková lives in Prague.

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