Young Czech Writers

Anna Zonová
Anna Zonová
Pamet mojí babicce by Petra Hulová
Magdaléna Platzová
Hana Androniková
Read 'The Mailbox', a short story by Anna Zonová translated by Alex Zucker and taken from the collection Little Red Shoes.
Anna Zonová was born in 1962 and works as exhibitions curator in the Gans Museum Society in Moravia. She has published articles on contemporary visual arts. Little Red Shoes, her first book, is a collection of stories set in Sudetenland, a region marked by German annexation, post-war removal of the German population, and the brutal social policies of Czech and Romany resettlement.

Magdaléna Platzová
Read an extract from Sul, ovce a kamení (Salt, Sheep and Stones, 2003).
Magdaléna Platzová was born in 1972 in Prague. She studied philosophy at Charles University, Prague, and worked as freelance translator and journalist until 2001 when she became the literary editor of the Czech cultural weekly Literární noviny. She is the author of three theatre plays and her prose and poetry has been published in the journal Souvislosti and literary supplement of the daily Právo. In her book Sul, ovce a kamení (Salt, Sheep and Stones, 2003), a collection of loosely linked stories set in Dalmatia and Prague, the turbulent history of the region is reflected in the lives of several generations of characters. Her new book, a novel entitled The Return of a Friend, is due to appear in early 2004.

Petra Hulová
Pamet mojí babicce (Memory for my Grandmother) Petra Hulová
Torst, 2002

Read an interview with Petra Hulová on the Radio Prague site about her trip to Mongolia.

The debut of this twenty-two year-old student was a major literary event in 2002. Pamet mojí babicce (Memory for my Grandmother), a novel, set in Mongolia where the author spent two years, tells the story of an extended family and of a culture at a time of transition seen through the eyes of three generations of women, grandmother Ajta, daughters Ojuna, Nara, Dzaja and her daughter Dolgome. Old traditions are replaced by yearning for life in the city, where 'young girls get their wings burnt', a city like no other in its soul-destroying bleakness: 'Nowhere do they have a city as menacing as this one, a city that tears the felt off the yurts and dresses them in cracked concrete, a city whose dawn is bloody from the spears of endless armies and the sunset red from the star with six sharp points.'

Hana Androniková
Read an interview with Hana Andronikova on the Radio Prague Website.
Hana Andronikova, born in Zlin (1967), studied English and Czech literature at Charles University in Prague. After her studies she started to work in Human Resources management for multinational companies. In 1999, she left her business career to proceed with her writing.
For her first novel Zvuk slunecních hodin (The Sound of the Sundial), Knizni klub, 2001, she received The Book Club Literary Award in 2001 and a year later a Magnesia Litera Award in the category 'Talent of the Year'. In November 2002, Andronikova published Srdce na udici (Heart on the Hook) (Petrov), a book of short stories.

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