• Marin Sorescu
    Transcript introduces the work of Marin Sorescu, one of the most translated Romanian poets of recent decades.
  • Ion Caraion
    Read Alone in the World by Ion Caraion who suffered a lifetime of oppression under communism in Romania.
  • Niemi in Edinburgh
    Transcript went to Edinburgh to see Mikael Niemi slice reindeer meat for a hungry audience.
  • The Moors are Coming!
    Read Baltasar Porcel's swashbuckling history of Majorca in The Moors are Coming translated by John L. Getman.
  • Between Môn and Arfon
    Welsh-language author Angharad Price writes of the last of the pilots on the Menai Straits in north Wales.
  • Jonathan and the Wolf in the Fridge
    Jonathan is a four-year-old boy. One day his Mum leaves him all alone at home. But is there a... wolf in the fridge?

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