What the Critics Said
This is a selection of quotes from the German-language press about Mikael Niemi's Popular Music from Vittula.

Populärmusik från Vittula Mikael Niemi
Norstedts (2000)

The books is based my own life and on the lives of my friends, says the Swedish writer Mikael Niemi. He worked on this book for ten years, 'because it took me such a long time to find the right register'. Finally he decided to try to write as nearly as he could to the way people tell stories in his home in Pajala. There, in the very north of Sweden, people tell tales that are raw and funny and moving. Der Spiegel (7.10.2002).

Niemi tells heart-warming stories about the adventures and struggles of childhood, and about how rock 'n roll burst into the world of the young. An amusing, engrossing, utterly delightful book! Focus, (7.10.2000)

'...no more no less than a Nordic reinvention of magical realism, capturing in sparkling, totally independent images a portrait of one of Europe's marginal communities. It is a picaresque novel about the adolescents of a whole region, and one of the best books this autumn.
Die Literarische Welt, 28.9.2002

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