Marin Sorescu

Marin Sorescu
Read more about Marin Sorescu here. Order The Bridge by Marin Sorescu translated by Adam J. Sorkin and Lidia Vianu from Bloodaxe Books.
Marin Sorescu (1936-96) was the most celebrated and most translated Romanian writer of the latter half of the 20th century. More than a dozen books of his poetry and plays have appeared in English (see below), mainly in the U.K. and in Ireland. He is author more than twenty collections of poetry, among them Poems (1965), The Youth of Don Quixote (1968), Cough (1970), Fountains in the Sea (1982), Water of Life, Water of Death (1987), Poems Selected by Censorship (1991), and The Crossing (1994). His valedictory volume, The Bridge , published posthumously in 1997, was composed during the final two months of his life, while he knew he was dying of liver cancer. Too weak commit them to paper himself, Sorescu often dictating the poems in this book to his wife, Virginia.

Books by Marin Sorescu in English

FRAMES/ (RAME) 25 Poems tr. Roy MacGregor-Hastie. Romanian and English texts. Eminescu Publishing House/Editura Eminescu (Bucharest) 109pp (intro. 8-13) 1972 paper only.

DON QUIJOTE'S TENDER YEARS tr. Stavros Deligiorgis. English text only. Corycian Press (Iowa City) approx. 40pp 1979 cloth only. Publ. in handset ed. of 300. With drawings by Florian Puca.

SYMMETRIES Selected Poems tr. John Robert Colombo and Petronela Negosanu. English text only. Hounslow Press (Toronto) 63pp. 1982 paper only. With a drawing of the poet by Isaac Bickerstaff.

SELECTED POEMS tr. with intro. Michael Hamburger. English text only. Bloodaxe Books (Newcastle) 96pp (intro. 9-11) 1982 paper only.

THIS HOUR tr. Michael Hamburger {Hamburger, Michael} English text only. Logbridge Rhodes (Durango CO) 26pp 1984 paper & cloth (cloth in limited edition).

LET'S TALK ABOUT THE WEATHER And Other Poems tr. Andrea Deletant and Brenda Walker {Walker, Brenda} intro. Jon Silkin {Silkin, Jon} English text only. Forest Books (London) 84pp (intro. viii-xi) 1985 paper only.

THE YOUTH OF DON QUIXOTE tr. John F. Deane {Deane, John F.} English text only. Dedalus (Dublin) 67pp 1987 paper and cloth.

THE BIGGEST EGG IN THE WORLD vr.trs. English text only. Bloodaxe Books (Newcastle) 79pp (fore. 11-13) 1987 paper only. All the translators are British poets.

HANDS BEHIND MY BACK Selected Poems tr. Gabriela Dragnea, Stuart Friebert, and Adriana Varga. Intro. Seamus Heaney. English text only. Oberlin College Press (Athens OH) 168pp (intro. 9-15, note 167-168) 1991 paper & cloth. Field Translation Series 18.

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