Rodica Iulian

Rodica Iulian
Rodica iulian1
Read three poems by Rodica Iulian translated by the author from Romanian into French.
Rodica Iulian is the pen-name of Dr. Rodica-Iuliana Coporan. In Ceausescu's Romania, she earned her living as a medical doctor. From 1960 to 1978 she was a specialist at the Institute of Oncology in Bucharest. Her medical career provided her with an insight in the human condition of suffering and despair. Her Pavlov's people, a novel in French, is inspired by life in a Romanian village in the Carpathian Mountains where she was a general practitioner. In 1978 she resigned her position as a state-employed medic. In the same year, her novel Cronica nisipurilor received the prize of the Romanian Writer's Union. In 1980, aged 49, she sought political asylum in France. A year later, her final volume of her poetry, Vitralii made its way into print. Since moving to France Rodica Iulian has written three novels. These books tackle the dilemma of the exile torn between duty towards his/her native culture and the desire to adopt another culture. Rodica Iulian became a French citizen in 1985. From 1981 to 1993 she was a regular contributor to the cultural programmes of Monica Lovinescu broadcast in Romanian by radio Free Europe. Since 1985 she has been a regular contributor to Itinéraires français, a Radio France International programme which visits lesser known places in France, and forms the backdrop to Fin de chasse (End of the hunt) Iulian's third novel in French.

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