Voices of Romania
Sanda Stolojan
Transcript would like to express its sincere thanks to Constantin Roman whose work inspired this feature. The poems translated by Constantin Roman are taken from Blouse roumaine, an anthology of Romanian women poets, prefaced by Catherine Durandin, due from Purdue University Press. The biographies of the featured writers, along with versions of certain translations, are taken from Voices and Shadows of the Carpathians, a Romanian Anthology of Texts.
In this its seventh issue, Transcript has the pleasure of introducing seven Romanian poets and their work. Marin Sorescu will be known to certain of our readers, including readers of German and English. Ion Caraion's work, as Sorescu's, has been published in German by Dionysos Verlag. The Romanian exile community is represented in our pages by Sanda Stolojan and Rodica Iulian, while Ana Blandiana and Florenta Albu inform us of life in Romania in recent decades when, from 1948 until 1989, the country was governed by a particularly oppressive totalitarian regime. The colourful figure of Mircea Dinescu completes the company we invite you to join.

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