• Yann Gerven: living and writing Breton today
    Yann Gerven is one of a handful of practising Breton writers. Transcript discovers his unique world.
  • Six Authors from Northern Catalonia
    Six Authors from Northern Catalonia tell how the linguistic reality in their region influences their work.
  • Jakez Riou, a Breton writer discovered
    Jakez Riou provides unique insights into Breton society.
    Read a sample of his work, the first ever to appear in English, here in Transcript.

  • America Yawns at Foreign Fiction
    When Imre Kertesz won the Nobel Prize, America asked 'Who?' Find out why America Yawns by Stephen Kinzer.
  • First Ever Daily Paper in Welsh
    Read about Y Byd (The World) the First Ever Daily Paper in Welsh, due to be launched this year.
  • Patrick Gifreu, translator of Catalan classics
    Patrick Gifreu has translated medieval Catalan classics into French. Read poems by Patrick Gifreu.

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