Anjela Duval

Anjela Duval
Read My Village and Little House of Mine by Anjela Duval.
Poet Anjela Duval (1905-1981) was born in Vieux Marché near Lannion in northern Brittany in 1905. She spent her life there on her parent's farm which she inherited and worked alone. She attended school until the age of twelve, and for a time continued her schooling by correspondance . Her story is one of personal solitude, and despair at the swift passing of a way of life without which she could not contemplate her own existence. In 1960, now in her mid-fifties, she began, encouraged by visitors to her home, to write verse in Breton, the language she had always spoken. Her poems were published in the Breton reviews of the day. Anjela Duval is author of fours volumes of verse, Barzhonegoù all ('Other Poems', Hor Yezh, 1973); Hiboud al Leger ('The Sigh of the River Leger', Skol, 1973); Barzhonegou Nevez ('New Poems', Hor Yezh, 1974), and Traoñ an Dour ('Down by the Water' - the name of the place in which she lived - 1982, Al Liamm). A selection of these four works, Kan an Douar (Song of the Earth), appeared in 1973 and is her best known book.

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