Jakez Riou

Jakez Riou
Read Gregor Kogan's Mortal Sin, the first short story by Jakez Riou to appear in English.

Jakez Riou (1899-1937), was born in Lotei in western Britanny. Aged twelve he was sent to Spain to be educated as a missionary. He spent seven years studying in Spain before serving in the war. He survived the battlefield, but left the army weakened and in ill-health. Later, he debated whether to pursue an ecclesiastical career or to devote himself to Breton. He taught for a time before becoming involved in publishing, and continued to live precariously until his early death whose imminence added poignancy to his writing. Jakez Riou's An Ti Satanezet appeared in book form in 1944. It captures the conviviality of rural Breton at a time when anecdotes surrounded each village's more colourful characters. The short story was Riou's forte. A slim volume, his collection Geotenn ar Werc'hez (1957) is unrivalled in modern Breton.

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