Jordi Pere Cerdà

Jordi-Pere Cerdà

Jordi-Pere Cerdà is the pseudonym of Antoni Cayrol, born in Sallagosa, Alta Cerdanya (France), in 1920. A poet, short-story writer and dramatist who also promotes Catalan activities in Rosselló, he has dealt in depth with the problems facing Catalan culture in Northern Catalonia in numerous articles. His literary output, elegiac and bucolic in tone, centres on the themes of love and work, and includes his antifascist autobiography. He has been honoured with various awards: the Premi de Literatura of the Generalitat de Catalunya (1989), the Premi National of Literatura (1999), the Creu de Sant Jordi (1986) and the Premi d'Honor de les Lletres Catalanes (1996), among others.

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