Prague, Helsinki, and Cardiff
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In May, Bookworld Prague, one of Europe's most important book fairs, will celebrate its tenth anniversary by welcoming Ireland, Scotland and Wales as its guests of honour.

Plans to launch Y Byd (The World), a daily paper in the Welsh language are at an advanced stage in Wales. Hopes are high that the paper will become reality by the end of 2004, or early next year.

The next Helsinki Book Fair will take place from the 28th to the 31st of October 2004. The Fair was organised for the third time in 2003 when 36,500 visitors and 236 exhibitors attended the fair.

In a recent article, Alison Mutler, chief correspondant for The Associated Press in Romania writes of the fate of Romanian journalist Ino Ardelean who reported on links between Romania's ruling Social Democracy Party and prominent businessmen. Read Freedom of the Press Eroded in Romania.

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