Yann Gerven

Yann Gerven
Transcript visited Yann Gerven in his home in Breton-speaking Brittany. Read our interview in French here. Read also Rencontre nocturne by Yann Gerven, a short story about love and tax offices. Visit Yann Gerven to read texts in Breton.
Yann Gerven (Yvon Gourmelon) was born in 1946 near Brest in northwest Brittany. He learned Breton from his two grandmothers. He studied mathematics and Celtic languages at the University of Brest. He lives in Bulat-Pestivien south of Guingamp, an area he and his wife chose to live in because of its strong Breton-speaking community, and because of farmland they wished to purchase. Living a life devoted to Breton, and raising a family of four to speak the language, Yann Gerven began to write in the late seventies. He is author of some fifty short stories, many of which have appeared in the review Al Liamm, and of several novels which include Ar gañfarted hag al louarn kamm (An Here, 1989), Bouklet ha minellet (Al Liamm, 1990), and War un ton laou (Skol Vreizh, 2003). In his writing, Yann Gerven has created a unique world which draws on the speech and genius of popular Breton speech.

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