Cuaifeach Mo Londubh Buí
Cuaifeach Mo Londubh Buí, Séamas Mac Annaidh
Coiscéim 1983

Cuaifeach Mo Londubh Buí is the first volume of a trilogy which also includes Mo dhá Mhicí (1986) and Rubble na Mickies (1990). Séamas Mac Annaidh has also written a book of short stories, Féirín, Scéalta agus eile (1992), and, for RTÉ television, Misteach Bhaile Átha Cliath, a black comedy about a Dublin civil servant. He is also author of three history books in English. He has worked as a librarian, been in punk and reggae bands, broadcast on BBC Northern Ireland and is literary editor of the Irish language daily, .

Cuaifeach Mo Londubh Bhuí, a novel, is one of the few books in Irish in recent decades to have generated more text than it contains. A work of hypertext and metafiction, it introduces several narrative strands which intersect. In its opening pages, the book shows its autobiographical colours, but mundane events are soon overtaken by meetings with surreal characters. In one strand, the book relates a narrative based on the Gilgamesh Epic. A retelling of the Frankenstein story, localised in Ireland, parallels the Gilgamesh strand, hinting at further autobiography and developing into a love-story. The author uses slang, literary and colloquial reference, puns and wordplay in English, Irish, and a bilingual subset of both, on the constantly lively surface of fantasy fiction which hides a deeper treatment of themes such as personal identity, immortality, reality and death.

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