Súil le Breith
Súil le Breith Pádraig Standún
Cló Chonamara (1983)
ISBN 0 86329 008 6

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Súil le Breith (Awaiting Judgement/Birth) by Pádraig Standún was read with delight by Irish speakers and with alarm by the Irish clergy when it appeared in 1983. In a small parish in western Ireland, Father Tom Connor becomes involved with a young woman. His duties involve saying mass both on the mainland and on the adjacent island. How will the community respond to his prodigality? Will the local boatmen ferry him over to the island, or will the people shun him? Pádraig Standún's Súil le Breith looks unflinchlingly at questions often ignored in rural Ireland, and it records a time of change in Irish-speaking communities.

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