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Kevin MacNeil lives on the island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. He writes in Gaelic, and in English. His books include Love and Zen in the Outer Hebrides (Canongate, Edinburgh 1998), and Baile Beag Gun Chriochan/A Little Borderless Village (ed. Kevin MacNeil, Highland Council, Inverness 2000). He was the British Council Writer in Residence at Uppsala University, Sweden form 2002 to 2003. He was awarded a Scottish Arts Council Writer's Bursary in 2004. His work has been translated into into Italian, Albanian, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Serbo-Croat, Russian, Maltese, French, and Hungarian.

An Acarsaid
Read this text in translation below (The Harbour).
na rionnagan a' deàrrsadh 'san uisge
na rionnagan a' deàrrsadh nam chridhe
an Cuan Sgìth mar sgàthan dorch
's do phòg mu dheireadh
air mo ghruaidh fhathast
balbh, fuar, fad air falbh
mar seann ghealach
a' cuimhneachadh air acarsaid eile.

The Harbour
Read the Gaelic version of this text above (An Acarsaid).
the stars shining in the water the stars shining in my heart the Minch like a dark mirror and your farewell kiss still on my cheek - dumb, cold, distant - like an old moon remembering another harbour.

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